Are my controlled drug logs accurate? This is often a fleeting thought. We know that reconciling our logs is an important task. Unfortunately, this chore often takes a back seat to the more immediate needs of patient care and client education. Still, we do need to have confidence in our drug inventory management system. We need our audits to be quick and easy. 

VetSnap’s Customer Success Specialists speak with hundreds of hospitals each month. They are experienced veterinary technicians who understand the challenges of accurate recordkeeping. Recently, they identified the 5 most common mistakes in managing controlled substance inventory. These will likely sound familiar to you. 

The most common mistakes include: 

  1. Forgetting to log a drug. It’s an understatement to say that you’re busy. You administer a drug to Kitty, fully intending to log it. Then someone asks you to check something on Chief, who’s checking out and the owner has a question. Your next patient’s already waiting in a room. Your drug log book is somewhere in the pharmacy…logging that drug slips your mind. 
  2. Restocking without capturing adequate information. Your order finally arrives but it’s the middle of the day with a full patient schedule. You grab the bottles you need and set the box in the cabinet. Your experienced techs write down bottle details – but just the bottles that you’re currently using. The ones in the box are forgotten about for now. 
  3. Not tracking waste properly. This is especially common in a practice where there are new assistants. They don’t yet understand that you have to account for hub loss. Bottles get thrown away without noting manufacturer overfill or underfill. 
  4. Inconsistent reconciliation of logs with physical inventory. Again, it’s common for reconciliation to take a back seat to a full patient load. Auditing your logs can be very time-consuming and frustrating. 
  5. Insufficient security measures. Managing controlled drug inventory requires more than just a logbook. Sadly, drug diversion has reached epidemic proportions. Sufficient security includes the proper use of cameras and locks. It’s also important to have updated Standard Operating Procedures. Your team should regularly review your procedures together. 

A Way to Avoid Mistakes 

Are you looking for an easier way to avoid these common mistakes? Have you considered using a digital drug log? VetSnap’s software can help you quickly and efficiently create thorough log entries. Our digital logbook auto-reconciles to your PIMS each evening. The next morning,

you’re alerted to any possible errors or discrepancies. You can address any issues in a timely manner with much less effort. Inventory management is simplified, saving you precious time. VetSnap can reduce the manual effort and risks associated with paper logbooks. Going digital can help you avoid the most common controlled drug logging mistakes. Fetch Your Demo today!